Welcome to Sweet Elite!

Sweet Elite is an online otome game following the adventures of the students of Arlington Academy. Your character, the Scholar, is a scholarship student and makes a series of major choices, affecting both their destiny and the destinies of those around them.

Flirt with students, build your romance and uncover Arlington Academy's dark secrets. Create your own story!

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Our 10 datables characters will fall in love with your personality and your actions regardless of your gender.

This allows you to share a deeper connection with any of them, just show your affinities to win over you special one's heart!

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Missed an infinity bonus with your speacial one, an achievement or an illustration? We got you covered!

By spending one replay, rewrite the whole story for the chapters onward, unlock new achievements and illustrations and reset the infinity according to your desire.

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Curious about what other options were available for the last chapter? Get your curiosity sated with a fun replay!

Discover new options available for the chapter without spending some precious energy.

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Sometimes, you just don't like a person that way. Choose between friendship or romance dialogue options and watch the story adapt to your choices and build relationships accordingly! The possibilities are infinite with the Infinity Meter!

The best part? Our characters won't complain about being "stuck in the friendzone"!

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Cannot get enough of sweet elite but the next chapter release seems too far? How about a side story?

Spend some more time with the main 10 whenever you want!

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Got inspired by the main story? Here are some tools to let your create your own narrative!

The chaptermaker is an easy way to bring your ideas to life, with customizable backgrounds and characters. Don't forget to share the love with the community!

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All you need to do is sign up: the game is free!

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Who are we at Dulcet Games ?

We are a small business company based in Montreal. That means we can easily adapt to your desires and feedback!

Our main goal is to provide the audience with quality content with which they can relate and have a strong emotional response to. After all, it is your happiness and positive feedback that warms our hearts the most!

We at Dulcet Games, believe that it was time for an otome to include same-sex dating options. We also believe in choice regarding gender and dating options. That is why all of our 10 datable characters will be accessible regardless of your gender and pronouns.